Food restaurant photographic photoshoot – Ciak 1

Photoshoot of food restaurant for Ciak1

Just opened the Ciak 1 is a bar / ostaria / bistrot / pastry shop with sweet / savory products different from the usual.

Whether it is an e-commerce showcase or promotional activities on paper or web channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, a photo campaign is the best way to enhance the products and services you offer and distinguish your business from all others, especially if we talk about a new opening.

Reaching the goal of your advertising is easier if you do it with an effective image and a photograph that immediately captures the attention of your potential customers.

A beautiful photograph of the dishes you serve in your room is worth a thousand words. Whether it’s the kitchen of a restaurant, a bistro, a pastry shop or a cafe, the care you put into your work is your best promotion.

The photos of your creations for the web, for social networks, for menus tell your customers your daily commitment and ignite curiosity and appetite.

Services Offered

  • Professional photographer Venice
  • Photographic services for apartments for sale or rent
  • Photography for Real Estate Agencies
  • Photographic services for furniture stores Before and After,
  • Photography for renovations Dedicated photo services for hotels, Airbnb, wellness centers
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