Home staging service – Airbnb Home in Venice Italy

Home staging service – Airbnb Home in Venice Italy

What is home staging

Home staging is a tool that helps homeowners to value a property with the aim of facilitating their sale or rental. The term is composed of the English words “home” (house) and “stage” (stage) and refers to the ability to set up a house to show it at its best. This is an example made by me of both home staging and photo shoot for a well-known tourist rental agency

More and more real estate agencies understand the effectiveness and validity of the home staging service.

This is witnessed by the most recent staging event held at the new Coldwell Banker headquarters in Rome, by Staged Homes: “Discovering Home Staging”. The staging was created to relaunch, at low cost, a property to be marketed, both in the form of a sale and a long or short-term rental.

In a world where the first selection of properties is done online, on portals, through photos, it is essential that the offered property stands out in a positive way – real estate agents and portal managers know this well.

Staging is much faster than a traditional renovation, as it is exclusively ordinary maintenance and does not require building permits.

It is applied as a “make-up for the home”, to allow the property to look its best in the photos. (The female readers will understand that makeup makes all the difference when you go to dinner or on stage!)

The numbers speak … At the moment there is 77.2% less time for a house on sale staged than the average and 96.7% of time savings for rented properties, always compared to the national average (Banca Italia)

Services Offered

  • Professional photographer Venice
  • Professional home staging service venice
  • Photographic services for apartments for sale or rent
  • Photography for Real Estate Agencies
  • Photographic services for furniture stores Before and After,
  • Photography for renovations Dedicated photo services for hotels, Airbnb, wellness centers
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